Wednesday, February 18, 2004

knoppix - apt-get

finally... got the thing working - though not without help from friends and forums :-)

i was trying to get the thing to update the distro but it wouldnt do it coz i had configured HTTP_PROXY and FTP_PROXY instead of http_proxy and ftp_proxy!!!huh! big deal.

anyways... i'm updating now...

Monday, February 16, 2004

Macintosh. Twenty years later

mac's are 20 years old - or young should i say with the kind of technological refinements and showcases they are and have been since the moment Steve Jobs pulled the first Macintosh from a bag in 1984.

i myself, have worked on mac's for quite a few years now and own an old (very charming) LC 630 - and they have always been a source of pleasure

nothing has ever come close to the hearts of computer users as an apple mac
it's not a community - as they say - it's a cult

further reading...

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i'm back!!!

whew! it did take me a long time to come back... where was i, u ask?

well, out good ol' friend fixmbr and fixboot (yes, windows xp) had me fixed - in a fix, actually!

i was trying to get my windows bootloader back from the grub that i was using for suse and mandrake earlier and yes - the commands did exactly what they were supposed to do: fix'd it! i lost my booting abilities and also all my data until i sweated days and nights to get it back - yes did recover most of the stuff and also got knoppix working on the system. apart from this - everything was hunky-dory :-)

well, now that i am back - i'm not goin' anywhere due to data losses

also, i have updated almost all the pages to better content/looks

getting this blog's syndicating links up on the page and also to get some really-geeky inputs from feeds across the web page - let me know if you've got anything worth sharing - with/without RSS/ATOM