Wednesday, February 02, 2005

1 year on... Still going strong is into it's second year now!!! :)

Yes, yesterday was when I finished a year owning, tending, maintaining the site and I'm happy to say, we're still going strong, I have been constantly if not, very frequently adding information onto the site about SAP BASIS related activities and blogging my interests.

  • More than 2400 unique visitors in the first year with more than 8000 page loads, not a major figure but constant traffic with a good number of returning visitors.

To DO:

  • More frequent updates in the future.
  • Adding a forum for conversing/ discussing issues with like minded people, people in the same trade.
  • Creating platform for contact on a commercial basis/for contracts/ job related forums communication between hiring agencies and candidates.
  • Add more updates on unix/windows platforms and oracle/ms-sql/db2 platforms.
  • Involve more interaction from the BASIS Admin / management community.

Pretty arduous list ... long way to go... but we're on course...

three cheers to

let the alternate be the mainstream!!!

- tarun