Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Update from the Indian Meteorological Department on the earthquake

Date of Occurrence: 07/03/2006
Time: 23:50:44.1 HRS(IST)
Intensity: MODERATE
Magnitude: 5.2
Epicentre: Lat. 23.8°N Long. 70.7°E

Gujarat earthquake - 07/03/20006

Nothing in the news yet (BBC or Sky) but Reuters come up with a few lines. Not much detail but seems that the quake wasn't too intense, links below:

Earthquake shakes buildings in India's Gujarat state

Earthquake shakes buildings in Gujarat

Earthquake shakes buildings in India's Gujarat state

There's no official confirmation on the epicentre or the intensity of the quake from Indian Meteorological Department in New Delhi

Oracle's lower TCO's reported against SAP

my slashdot post on SAP vs. Oracle, Battle Royale
Oracle's lower TCO's reported against SAP on an Oracle affiliated site! Oh, it's very transparent and connects to well document studies, doesn't it?


Anyways, we'll just take their word and say SAP's TCO is almost double that of Oracle's similiar offerings!?

Does anything from Oracle even stack up close to SAP's offerings?
Nope! is the one word answer, no matter which camp you belong to, you cannot bring up a product that seamlessly brings together all aspects of a business as SAP does.

All the modules can be individually customized and presented to the customer for their choosing whenever they want to use that part of the package.

No, it's not a battle royale, Fusion, never was and will never come close to where SAP is in the market today.

High Costs!?!

What's that, do you say a piece of code is costly just because it initially costs higher!?

Have you ever worked in a company where SAP was implemented, do some costing for such a company and then come back and post on the cost savings they've had in their departments after implementing SAP, yes a few implementations do go pear shaped but this is generally not the case.

I don't know about Zoellner's previous jobs but certainly can't find anything on google relating him to know anything that he claims to know about SAP.

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Monday, March 06, 2006

Formula 1 - 2006

6 Days to go !!! :)
I can't wait now.

I can still vividly remember last year's first grand prix - It was Australia and Michael Schumacher did not finish!

It was a sign of things to come for him and his team for the entire year! one of the worst year's Schumi's had racing.

Will this year be better for him? with smaller engines and tyre changes allowed a lot will change this year.

Keep your eyes on the telly this Sunday! Don't go anywhere!

If you don't have a telly , the official website of formula 1 is http://www.formula1.com
The link here will show show live timings (registration required)

Sunday, March 05, 2006

VoiFi Voi fi anyone?

No, Not me, thanks anyway.

The website's slow to boot for a start (too many pageloads!?)
The screenshots show up as a kid's attempt at a school project (mine were better!)
It doesn't do PC-to-Phone calls (not yet)
The site doesn't have a proper download page or install instructions! No troubleshooting steps (Oh! wait, I forgot, all the people in this world are techies and will not have any problems installing this)

What's the idea of creating another p2p chat/voice chat client in an already over-crowded market with nothing extra to offer except a few games, oh, wait. I bet I can't do that on my yahoo messenger! (or can I?)

And yeah, I presume Mr. Bhatia's betting on me to call/txt/instant message/email all my 'buddies' and ask them to download/install/register on a new site/IM tool to play 'teen patti'!?

And I don't like that fact that the website looks very very shabby in Firefox!

As I said earlier: No, Not me, thanks anyway.

Anyone got a better look at the voifi (voifi or voi fi what ever it's called ) download? Please post reviews / comments.