Sunday, October 21, 2007

The final F1 race of the year 2007 is today!!!!

Until March next year (when hopefully I'll be watching it live in Australia) today it my last F1 fix of this year.

And an amazing race is promised; with 3 contenders for the title and none of them on pole, it's going to be an exciting and a very very competitive race.

Massa on pole wants to win the race (as he did the last time) but the strategies will come in full play today as Alonso definitely is not faster than Lewis but needs to win to have any chance of getting closer to the coveted No. 1 spot, as does Kimi.

Never would anyone have imagined the first season after Micheal's retirement would be so exciting and competitive.

The race begins at 16:30 BST and is definitely going to be the biggest showdown in recent F1 history.

To the last race of 2007 then... May the best man win!!! :)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Lost&Found: My fav thai tunes :)

has a list of Thai songs that can be played online :))

Some of my fav's are...

Bird: kon mai mee faen คนไม่มีแฟน

A.B. Normal: poot mai koi geng พูดไม่ค่อยเก่ง

Bird: faen jaa แฟนจ๋า

ooh and soo many more fantastic songs... :)

aah, this will give me some happy-sad hours...

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Love undone

It hurts the most
and pains like you've never felt it before

Life is cruel
with all its jokes

You don't find it amusing when the jokes' on you
and everything's blurred coz of the tear in your eye

The world's a haze
and your life's just a waste

life keeps you alive when you want to die
and will take all the air away when you want just one more gasp

Why, oh! Why does it have to hurt this much
when all you want to do is feel numb

To all this pain and all this hurt

What did you to deserve so much

Is He toying with you coz He's got nothing else to do
Or is He preparing you for something much worse?

So many trials and so many tribulations
What is His game and will you ever get some rest?

Life hurts so much
like it's never done before

What have you done
to deserve so?

Friday, September 07, 2007

Love is beautiful

Love is beautiful

It makes you see the colors you never noticed before
The songs you've been hearing for years sound new;
the lyrics carry a deeper meaning
and every note brings another smile as you think of her.

The leaves on the tree appear so beautifully luminescent,
radiating a green aura of beauty all around them.

The air around you is a little more chillier,
making you think of the warmth you'd be in if you were in her arms now
as the thought of her breath on your neck this early september morn draws another silly smile

People seem to smile when they see you
and the whole world seems to be so beautiful;
you could embrace it all

Oh darling, it's love, it's love, it's love.
The birds and the trees and the sweet sweet smells were always there
it's just made you happy, shown you His beauty and given you a sense of sweet smell

it's love, love, beautiful love

it's you, it's me; it's beautiful love.

Mornin' darlin' coz its only you I'm thinking of this sweet September mornin'.


Sunday, August 26, 2007

Rey's trance lullaby

Rey goes to sleep listening to A Night in Bangkok... No, it's usually not this soothing when you're in a club.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

What drink do I drink today?

Mah baby went shappin' today and bought a lot of stuff... n got confused...
Thinkin' what drink do I drink today...?

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Happiness is... measured in kbps

Pretty happy with my new internet connection speeds...

These look pretty good compared to my previous internet provider's... still less than what I'm paying for, and don't ask what the previous speeds were, coz I'd be embarrassed.

So, if happiness were measured in kbps, you know how happy I'd be :p

Saturday, August 04, 2007


I'm having a very very very busy year and haven't really got any time to post...

Been to the UK Grand Prix (Silverstone);pics pending. Following the sport more closely than ever before... Missing Schumi, Enjoying the new guys... seen Chandok race for the first time in person and for a change, it's good to see the sport getting more coverage in the UK since Hamilton started racing. The court case just making the year more exciting though a bit disappointing with the attention being diverted off track.

What else?

I'll be posting some pics and videos of my Silverstone experience and hope Hungary's as exciting as the races before...

Sunday, March 18, 2007

F1's back

and it's fantastic to be watching it live at 2am :)

It's different since Schumi's not around anymore but the race is good :) 51 laps to go before Ferrari get their first constructors points for this year and Kimi, his well deserved 10. He's always been the best in the line-up but never had the car to prove himself, he has it now and this is his chance...

Don't get me wrong, I love the Mercs but for their reliability - no debates there!

Who reckons Hamilton's gonna get on the podium today?

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Formula 1 2007

that's what I've been waiting since the past 6 months... and it starts now! in a few minutes. it's 2.55am GMT ...

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Welcome to Formula 1 2007

2007 FIA Formula One World Championship Race Calendar
01. Australia MAR 18
02. Malaysia APR 08
03. Bahrain APR 15
04. Spain MAY 13
05. Monaco MAY 27
06. Canada JUN 10
07. USA JUN 17
08. France JUL 01
09. Britain JUL 08
10. Germany JUL 22
11. Hungary AUG 05
12. Turkey AUG 26
13. Italy SEP 09
14. Belgium SEP 16
15. Japan SEP 30
16. China OCT 07
17. Brazil OCT 21