Sunday, October 21, 2007

The final F1 race of the year 2007 is today!!!!

Until March next year (when hopefully I'll be watching it live in Australia) today it my last F1 fix of this year.

And an amazing race is promised; with 3 contenders for the title and none of them on pole, it's going to be an exciting and a very very competitive race.

Massa on pole wants to win the race (as he did the last time) but the strategies will come in full play today as Alonso definitely is not faster than Lewis but needs to win to have any chance of getting closer to the coveted No. 1 spot, as does Kimi.

Never would anyone have imagined the first season after Micheal's retirement would be so exciting and competitive.

The race begins at 16:30 BST and is definitely going to be the biggest showdown in recent F1 history.

To the last race of 2007 then... May the best man win!!! :)

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