Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Meaning and translation of the song Channa Ve from the album Channa Ve, by Kunal Ganjawala

Channa ve ghar aa ja ve
Channa - my lover-who resembles the moon

Dhola ve ghar aa ja ve
Dhola--one who is white and handsome

Teriyan udikaan vich muk challe saah
I've been waiting for U for so long that my breath is nearly failing

Aaja, takdi de rog muka ja ve
Please come and end the heartache of one who is looking-out for U

Aavega jad soniyan mahiyaan
When U come, my handsome lover

Mereya sajna dhol sipahiya
My beloved, my white and handsome soldier

Rakh laangi tennu seene la ke
I'll keep U close to my heart

Tere baajon jind kamlaiyan
Without U my life is absolutely crazy

Jaandi nai akhiyaan choN laali
The redness of my eyes does not go

Dil dariya vi lagda hai khali
The sea of my heart also appears barren

Khushiyaan vedhe tukhdiyaan naahi
Happiness does not appear appropriate in my house's verandah

Hove na jad dil da vaali
If my heart's possessor is not present