Friday, September 07, 2007

Love is beautiful

Love is beautiful

It makes you see the colors you never noticed before
The songs you've been hearing for years sound new;
the lyrics carry a deeper meaning
and every note brings another smile as you think of her.

The leaves on the tree appear so beautifully luminescent,
radiating a green aura of beauty all around them.

The air around you is a little more chillier,
making you think of the warmth you'd be in if you were in her arms now
as the thought of her breath on your neck this early september morn draws another silly smile

People seem to smile when they see you
and the whole world seems to be so beautiful;
you could embrace it all

Oh darling, it's love, it's love, it's love.
The birds and the trees and the sweet sweet smells were always there
it's just made you happy, shown you His beauty and given you a sense of sweet smell

it's love, love, beautiful love

it's you, it's me; it's beautiful love.

Mornin' darlin' coz its only you I'm thinking of this sweet September mornin'.


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