Sunday, March 05, 2006

VoiFi Voi fi anyone?

No, Not me, thanks anyway.

The website's slow to boot for a start (too many pageloads!?)
The screenshots show up as a kid's attempt at a school project (mine were better!)
It doesn't do PC-to-Phone calls (not yet)
The site doesn't have a proper download page or install instructions! No troubleshooting steps (Oh! wait, I forgot, all the people in this world are techies and will not have any problems installing this)

What's the idea of creating another p2p chat/voice chat client in an already over-crowded market with nothing extra to offer except a few games, oh, wait. I bet I can't do that on my yahoo messenger! (or can I?)

And yeah, I presume Mr. Bhatia's betting on me to call/txt/instant message/email all my 'buddies' and ask them to download/install/register on a new site/IM tool to play 'teen patti'!?

And I don't like that fact that the website looks very very shabby in Firefox!

As I said earlier: No, Not me, thanks anyway.

Anyone got a better look at the voifi (voifi or voi fi what ever it's called ) download? Please post reviews / comments.


Tushar Chavan said...

hey, have u played the teen patti?its really good.....just good for the Indian market. I love playing it.

Just hoping that the feature of calling from any part of the world to India be launched very soon. It will be unique, to say the least.

Andrew Smith said...

It is not as bad as you have pointed. I like the War Zone game. very interesting.

liked the featuring of having the calls recorded

Anonymous said...

new version is available now, i checked it, more games and good features too