Monday, March 22, 2004

21 March 2004, Sepang, Malaysia - M Schumacher - Once again...

World Champion, is that what they call him? well, yes, what do you know, he really deserves to be. After the show he put up at Sepang, Malaysia, as usual, calm and composed, driving as if the forces never seem to pertrube him, he reinforced that. As he himself had said, after winning at Melbourne, that it would be a very different race in Malaysia, it was, but for the others, not for Michael, not for Ferrari. He did just what the team could have expected.

Malaysia always brings up something unexpected, something different, Well, What do you say to Mark Webber's performance, or rather, the lack of it, or was it his car? whatever, he didn't even make it till the end, the only thing that the team could do now is investigate - his and Klien's starts and the ensuing troubles that they faced, surely they can make better cars, can't they?

Kimi Raikkonen, again, fell victim to an engine failure that took him out of the contest on lap 41.

Montoya, again, looking to give Michael a run for his money didn't get nearly as close as he would have liked to, but time and again, he does seem to be making his point and showing what he is capable of, when, if ever, would that be possible, is anyone's guess.

And Button was good, really good, seemed confident to make it where he did, yes, the bad-luck run for his rivals did help, but the only reason he made it to the podium was the fight that he put up on the track.

exciting, to say the least, wasn't it???

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