Monday, March 08, 2004

F1 - Australia - 7 - march - 2004.

yeah, yeah, yeah... i was to write about this one... but just didnt get through to - why - i had no time - was busy working (through the weekend! uh!) but did get around to watching - what if it started around 2.30 am for me and what if it was on until the wee hours of the morning... 't was good - seeing the year begin with a ferrari win, you couldnt help but thinking that they're gonna take it this year too, but i am sure this year will be a long one for schumi and his team, other tracks aren't going to be as kind as australia to ferrari - yeah - the Michelin's might have had some trouble on this track (barring alonso, that is) but the bridgestone's might not be this effective on other tracks...

my vote for the consistent driver goes to: alonso, m schumacher and barrichello in that order, as for montoya - recovering from a bad start was going to be very very hard - but he did good to fight back - though a wee bit too late.

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