Thursday, April 01, 2004

Pakistan !!!------really good

Reproduced below is the copy of an e-mail message, it's is not conventional stuff but I believe 100% of it is true. Read on...

Subject: Pakistan !!!------really good

Believe me... this thing needs to be forwarded to as many as


An email from Sai Nagesh to Mindshare after his

visit to Pakistan for the 1st one day match.

Subject: Pakistan


This mail has nothing to do with work. just wanted to share

certain very overwhelming experiences. Had been to karachi for the

1st one dayer on saturday.

1. Imagine 39,990 Pakistanis & 50 of us Indians cheering lustily

'for' each other, throwing chocolates at us !!. Quite a few

were carrying the flags of both countries imaginatively stitched

together. Then they all stood to give a standing ovation to the


cricket team !

2. Guy on the street selling 'bhuttas' refused to accept money saying


we were 'mehmaan' in their country !!

3. people rushing to shake our hands on the streets & asking us to

come to their home for dinner

4. Restaurant owners refusing to accept the bill payment after

coming to know that we were from India

5. Everybody we met & we met quite a few, had some relative staying

in India.

6. Star plus is the most favourite channel in Karachi

7. There was a TV star called Heena ?? who was sitting in the

stadium, one pakistani put up a impromptu banner saying "heena,

will u marry me ?"!!

8. Shops gave us 40 to 50% discount ...........India again

9. Taxis, autos, army guys......the list is

endless.......everywhere loads of courtesy, respect.....

more than we would get in our own country !!!!!

It is really sad that we have an impression of that country that


so negative. I shudder to think of the plight of pakistanis who


come to india when the Indo-pak matches will happen here.

Sad, that we consider ourselves 'secular' & yet will spare no


before making negative statements on that country. It's sad but


, this

experience teaches one that......"Perception is not reality".

Thank u for sparing your time.

Have a lovely day.

Warm Regards

Sai Nagesh,

Director- Mktg & Corporate Affairs,

Group M Media India.

Mobile : 98200 63743

Direct : 56638999

Madison Communications Pvt Ltd., Mumbai - India.

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