Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Slashdot | Web Design Hampers Mobile Internet?

Slashdot Web Design Hampers Mobile Internet?

Web Design Hampers Mobile Internet?

Posted by CmdrTaco on Wednesday March 23, @01:01PM
from the yin-and-yang-of-the-net dept.
aws910 writes "Reuters is running an article on how flashy web design is impacting the usability of internet-enabled mobile devices, with quotes from Tim Berners-Lee. Although the article is sparse on details, it is an interesting topic for discussion. Having recently bought an internet-enabled cellphone, I can honestly say that most websites are painful to view on a 240x320 screen over a GPRS connection(EVDO is expensive/US-only). Have we moved away from 56K-modem-oriented design, only to be pulled back in that direction?"

Not mine, mate. It can be viewed almost anywhere on any kind of internet connection, even a 14.4kbps connection or maybe even on a 9600bps connection without a long delay. It's a low-bandwidth intensive site. I've strived to get the viewpoint presented above and discussed with reference to the article to previous 'clients' (i'm not a pro web developer) to develop non-browser dependent webpages (ones that don't need "best viewed with ie" messages) and non-flash pages coz i reckon you can get the same sort of effect to visitors and get your view-point across without using a lot of flash (or even any flash!) - except maybe where it is definitely required (i.e.: educational or flash games sites)

anyways... this has been a long term debate between people like me and flash programmers, i guess it will always continue... a few good points in the discussion if you're interested to read.

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