Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Domain Renewal and Hosting Change

Just completed a domain renewal and a hosting provider change a few days ago (weeks actually ;) )

The previous provider was pretty good actually, just one small problem - No Support! You write an email and wait for days and the reply.... no, it doesn't materialize!

So, I moved, to a better provider, higher rates but more disk space means I won't be running out of my disk space contstantly and good support means I get my questions answered quickly and hopefully, problems sorted out with a similiar speed as well.

Anyways, just another case of how support is more important than the quality of service you provide.

Getting a stable server a huge pipe doesn't mean you can be a good hosting provider, you have to have humans answering support queries and resolving them before the customer takes the next best offer and you lose his custom.

Welcome to the new alternateplanet people!

- Tarun.
(yes, I still live on planet earth)

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