Wednesday, March 01, 2006

This is worth writing about...

One of my mates called today, weird problem, he said.

He had an excellent network connection but wasn't able to pass data onto his internet connection! translated to english: Internet not working!!! code red!

Made him type the following and voila! Google comes up in a split second - follow the following, i mean, type the following if you're on windows (xp) and having the same problem!

Well, you wouldn't be reading this if you didnt have your internet connection and wanted to solve the problem, would you!?
Anyways, here goes...

nbtstat -RR - Purge and reload NetBIOS cache (lmhosts)
ipconfig /renew - Release and renew the DHCP lease

You can also right click the wireless connection and click repair - but you could use the above method if some other application is managing the wireless connection.

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