Sunday, July 23, 2006

The mood at Dorchester Court on July 22, 2006

The day was right; the mood was good and the fun began at 1900 hrs. nah! 7pm IST ;) on clocks set at BST.

We started at 01:00 am! with preliminary preperations which carried on to late afternoon after a brief period of rest overnite.

The first guest was Hardik Mehta followed and the rest soon followed.

The party started on a mellow mood with everybody greeting and mingling, starting with a swig of juice, doritos and Snacky snakes.. I mean snacks.

Went in to full swing when we opened the bottles and the very pricey! ;) (Hardik, Prince and Rajesh) DJ's chipped in with full BASS.

Free flowing Bacardis and Teachers following the Champagne helped the ocassion. Dance sessions saw the very best of Desi talent come to fore... all evidence captured in pictures.

Dinner was quickly devoured with very delicious desi home made delicacies; Gujju Dhokla, Bulchandani family special Shahi paneer, Punjabbi Cholle, Sindi special Sai-bhaji, Pulav and loads of garam garam puris.

The departures started with Vikas (yeah, I'm gonna quote you on this!!!!) excuse of not bringing the medication that had to be given to her daughter, the rest didn't have as imaginative excuses so had to stay on until the dates changed.

All in all, a great great evening with friends and family, looking forward to another one coming up soon as we couldn't fit all our friends in the first.

Guest list - one absentee that didn't make it!

Akash's family minus him
Manoj - you've got some excuses mate!!!!
Mukesh with family (Prince)
Prince's family (Mukesh)
Rajesh & family
Shailendra's family
Sunil's family
Vikas' family
and since we couldn't fathom an excuse to get out of home, we were present too :0)

Click here for the fun fun photographs

Smashing party!!!! - Thanks to all who took the trouble to come around :))))))))))))))))

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