Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Aaagh! RSS, Atom, Blogger ..... and me

Aaagh! Would have pulled out my hair if I couldn't get this sorted!!!!

Want: I wanted to my blog entries to be updated dynamically on my homepage.

Process: Add the RSS feed for my blog onto the page.

But how could I?

Blogger does publish rss but it's got numerous errors.

I could get the feeds on the page but not the first feed. So, the only solution was to convert my atom feed into rss and get that feed to be displayed on the page.

I used feedburner for conversion but that had the same issues for days. Support did try to help but it was taking too much time for me to get this resolved.

So, I deleted the original feed and restarted the process and then tried to run both (atom and rss) feeds on the same page and figured out what was causing the problem.

Due to errors in the rss feed validation my aggregator kept on publishing the entries from Number 2 onwards and I just couldn't get the first entry to be displayed on the page.

I am now using the atom feed converted to rss and it's working fine.

Try validating your feed at
Feedburner url:
My feed on feedburner: Impressions

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