Tuesday, September 12, 2006

10/09/2006 - A very sad day indeed!

A teary eyed Schumi announced he's retiring from F1 racing at the end of this year :(

Having watched him race since years and break almost all the records in the book was a wonderful experience. I knew it was going to happen this year (as everyone did) but was secretly hoping for him to stay on for another year! Anyways, it's always good to go on a high rather than pass away on a low!

It would be very different next year. Yes, Kimi would be winning more races and my money's on him rather than Alonso who's joining Mercedes McLaren next year. Not because of their abilities but because of the cars they'd be driving. The Merc-McLaren is a great car; it's just that its not reliable enough for Alonso to exploit it to the limit without breaking it!

Kimi and Alonso both have a very different style of driving. I find Alonso pushing the car just a bit more harder than Kimi does and it would be interesting to see him drive in the Merc next year. He'd certainly have more reliability issues than Kimi did if they don't do something major to their car to be able to sustain Alonso's pace; and only then would 2007 get interesting.

Anyway, here's one to the great (est?) racing drivers of all time!

and yes, he's winning the drivers championship this year! hehehe

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